Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Symbian Version of Theft Aware now available for free

Dear customers, dear friends,

i am sure you've already heard of the acquisition of ITAgents by AVAST Software as well as Nokia's decision not to invest into the Symbian operating system environment significantly any more.

Due to this change in circumstances and market situation we've now decided that the Symbian version of Theft Aware will now be available to all users for free, on an as-is basis. Which means, we'll not release further significant updates to the Symbian version anymore.

Important bugfixes and support, however, will still be done on demand.

The upcoming Anna and Belle versions of the Symbian operating system also will NOT be supported officially anymore.

However, I want to strongly affirm our commitment to our Android version which will be the main direction to go forward for our company.

We'll happily welcome all Symbian customers to the Android platform and take over their Symbian licenses in exchange for an Android license.

with best regards,
Reinhard Holzner
Managing Director AVAST Software Österreich


  1. Super - ein paar Tage, nachdem ich von Guardian Mobile auf TheftAware gewechselt bin (Nokia N8 mit Symbian Anna), wird die Programmentwicklung eingestellt. Klassische Fehlentscheidung!

    Es ist doch noch einige Jahre hin, bis Symbian aufgegeben wird. Wieso verabschieden sich dann einige Firmen so ├╝berhastet von diesem Betriebssystem?

  2. I concur, albeit auf English, weil mein Deutsch zu schlecht ist :-) A good program, but a bad decision to give Symbian up this easily.

  3. please do support til symbian anna... there are millions of customers are looking forward for this software.

  4. hi. regarding symbian anna: i think that the existing download works out of the box with anna. just try it - however it'll be officially unsupported.

  5. It works fine with Symbian anna.

  6. please do not do this to anna users its such a lovely and helpful software.please support the anna users as well.Although it works ok now but i still fear it might not in future.

  7. Really bad news. I was looking for more features in coming update of this app, also a permanent and strong solution of not starting the server of this app sometimes once you restart this app, but this is heartbreaking that this app won't support symbian in future as I already afraid of..

    Anyways thanks for the app .. Good luck for your future plans.

  8. It even works great with symbian belle on nokia n8 it really is a good software but giving upon symbian is not a good decision plz do support symbian..... :(

  9. Tip:

    If you have problems with TA after upgrade to Anna: Uninstall TA completly and reinstall it on your phone again.

    It should be help

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