Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello all :-)

wow, it has been MONTHS since I last found time to update this blog and to drop you new information about the works at ITAgents. I am really very sorry for that, I will try to post more frequently from now on.

The reason I post today is a very good one. I am sure you've heard that several Android phone vendors gave up their strict bootloader locking policy which will help each and every Theft Aware user out there. Sony Ericsson already published their bootloader unlocker (, HTC just today announced an unlock tool for their bootloader (, Motorola announced an unlock tool for late 2011 (, rumours spread that Samsung will also follow this trend ( and the Google Nexus S comes with an unlocked bootloader out of the box.

What does this mean for Theft Aware users?

Unlocked bootloaders mean that you will not have to root your phone in order to use Theft Aware's unique root features.

By using the UPDATE.ZIP installation method, you can install Theft Aware hard reset proof on any bootloader-unlocked Android smartphone, even if it is NOT rooted. You'll just have to install a custom recovery using the unlocked bootloader, and then you'll be able to install Theft Aware hard-reset proof by using the UPDATE.ZIP installation method!

Once installed into the system partition, Theft Aware is able to do all the cool root features that you already know, like disabling USB debugging on theft event or enabling GPS automatically once it is needed.

Isn't that good news? I'll follow up with more info as it comes up.

Best regards