Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This blog is closed

Hello dear friends of Theft Aware. As you probably know, ITAgents has been acquired by AVAST Software (see here). It is now time to say good bye to our old website and to this blog.

The old website,, has been taken offline, a placeholder will stay there until the new AVAST website has been prepared, which will still take a few days.

If you want to continue reading our blogs, please go to

Thanks for all the great time.

best regards

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Symbian Version of Theft Aware now available for free

Dear customers, dear friends,

i am sure you've already heard of the acquisition of ITAgents by AVAST Software as well as Nokia's decision not to invest into the Symbian operating system environment significantly any more.

Due to this change in circumstances and market situation we've now decided that the Symbian version of Theft Aware will now be available to all users for free, on an as-is basis. Which means, we'll not release further significant updates to the Symbian version anymore.

Important bugfixes and support, however, will still be done on demand.

The upcoming Anna and Belle versions of the Symbian operating system also will NOT be supported officially anymore.

However, I want to strongly affirm our commitment to our Android version which will be the main direction to go forward for our company.

We'll happily welcome all Symbian customers to the Android platform and take over their Symbian licenses in exchange for an Android license.

with best regards,
Reinhard Holzner
Managing Director AVAST Software Österreich

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ITAgents acquired by AVAST Software

Dear customers, dear friends of Theft Aware,

it is a big day for Theft Aware and a big day for me, as well as for all employees here at ITAgents. I hereby announce, that ITAgents has been acquired by AVAST Software yesterday. AVAST is one of the world's most popular anti virus and internet security vendors. The deal is already closed.

AVAST Software

You can hardly imagine how excited I am about this new and great opportunity. Not only the deal values our hard efforts we put into Theft Aware, but also ensures that Theft Aware will be able to further grow both in functionality and market presence. And - as you could maybe imagine - we'll now be able to put a lot more tech and features to Theft Aware than you're already used to. :-)

Now, you'll ask - what happens to the team? What happens to the existing customers? Rest assured, myself and my collegues will stay with AVAST and will further on develop our anti theft solution. And if you are our customer already, we are very happy to take you with us on this exciting journey. We will stay with you!

Also AVAST has published a blog post about the acquisition. Please check it out here.

So long, dear readers. I will keep you informed on news as they come up!

With best regards and a big THANK YOU to all of our supporters. You made our dreams come true!

Reinhard Holzner
CEO ITAgents interactive software solutions

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello all :-)

wow, it has been MONTHS since I last found time to update this blog and to drop you new information about the works at ITAgents. I am really very sorry for that, I will try to post more frequently from now on.

The reason I post today is a very good one. I am sure you've heard that several Android phone vendors gave up their strict bootloader locking policy which will help each and every Theft Aware user out there. Sony Ericsson already published their bootloader unlocker (, HTC just today announced an unlock tool for their bootloader (, Motorola announced an unlock tool for late 2011 (, rumours spread that Samsung will also follow this trend ( and the Google Nexus S comes with an unlocked bootloader out of the box.

What does this mean for Theft Aware users?

Unlocked bootloaders mean that you will not have to root your phone in order to use Theft Aware's unique root features.

By using the UPDATE.ZIP installation method, you can install Theft Aware hard reset proof on any bootloader-unlocked Android smartphone, even if it is NOT rooted. You'll just have to install a custom recovery using the unlocked bootloader, and then you'll be able to install Theft Aware hard-reset proof by using the UPDATE.ZIP installation method!

Once installed into the system partition, Theft Aware is able to do all the cool root features that you already know, like disabling USB debugging on theft event or enabling GPS automatically once it is needed.

Isn't that good news? I'll follow up with more info as it comes up.

Best regards

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Theft Aware Nominated To The Show Your App Award (M-Days)

Hi all,

we've now just learned that our product Theft Aware has been nominated to the Show Your App Award which will be held in preparation to the M-Days fair in Frankfurt. Now, i want to ask all our fans, supporters and customers to vote for us in order to get us to win that prize. :-)

Just go there and take your vote:

Getting a 5 stars rating is our target and we really believe we can reach it! Your support really helps us keeping Theft Aware up and current and in front of all competition.

thanks in advance,