Thursday, December 9, 2010

My own recovery story

Hey all,

it really IS incredible, I can tell you. I am the main developer of Theft Aware and this weekend it really happened that i could use Theft Aware by myself to protect me from theft and loss.

So what happened? I went to downtown on Saturday to have a few drinks together with friends. After a long and happy night suddenly i discovered that my jacket was gone. And with it my car keys, my flat keys, my credit and debit cards, aaaand... my mobile phone. Now i can tell you, i was really shocked. I had tested Theft Aware improvements the day before and did NOT enable the Theft Aware protection on my phone. You know, always turning it on and off during testing is a bit time consuming. I was sooo sad - could it happen to the TA developer himself to loose the mobile phone and all the other stuff with TA INSTALLED on it, but not enabled? All the world would laugh at me for being THAT stupid...

However still no problem. I am sure you remember that we are building internet remoting features into the platform and luckily one of that features will be to enable Theft Aware protection remotely (e.g. if you forgot to enable Theft Aware in time). So - i just used that feature to enable protection and get a track of my phone.

Then i was waiting - but not for too long. Suddenly i got an SMS back containing the coordinates of the phone. Someone has moved my jacket to another place in the club i was going to and as soon as i opened the Theft Aware maps link i knew that the phone was still in the club location. I went there and luckily the guys there were just cleaning up - and i got it back: my phone, my jacket, my keys, my cards, my gloves... EVERYTHING.

I was soooo happy - imagine the cost alone to replace all the items i would've lost without Theft Aware. Imagine the troubles of getting back into the flat, into the car without a key...

Wish you the same good luck i had - so get Theft Aware NOW! :-)

best regards,

Friday, December 3, 2010

Theft Aware 2.0 running on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Hello world! :-)

We just tested Theft Aware 2.0 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and it runs PERFECTLY. Check out the video here!