Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OK, now listen to this - there's big prizes to win with Theft Aware!

Hey all,

i got a good day, really a good day. Android Police released a great review about Theft Aware, our great Android and Symbian smartphone theft protection app. Also AndroidPIT, one of the biggest german Android app sites covered us with glory. And in the Symbian world we are receiving great downloads from all over the globe.

First of all this is a big honour to a startup like us. And this really makes me feel as if the work we did with Theft Aware was excactly what the global anti theft market needed. So this is good, very good. Also i have the feeling that our customers are happy with what we did which is always a good thing.

Because of that i am now issuing some big prizes to all of those who help us promote Theft Aware 2.0:

1ST PRIZE: an Android or Symbian phone of YOUR choice, for YOUR network, which we'll root (Android only) and on which we'll install a VERY SPECIAL version of Theft Aware 2.0, CUSTOMIZED TO YOU!

2ND PRIZE: EUR 100 in cash

3RD-20TH PRIZE: one free Theft Aware license for a lifetime - not bound to the IMEI which means it will stay valid also if you change your phone

Now, that i got your attention, I'll tell you how to participate in our contest.

How to Win

There are several ways on how to participate in the contest and increase your chance of winning. See a list of achievements below, each associated with achievement points. Whenever you can prove to us that you completed one of the achievements those achievement points will be booked to your winning chance.

Lets do an example as i am not native english speaker... :-) Lets say, participant A achieved 25 achievement points during the contest duration. Participant B achieved 50, participant C achieved 10 and participant D achieved 15 achievement points.

The total number of achievement points is now 100. This means then that participant A has a chance of 25% to win, B 50%, C 10% and D 15%. Each prize will be rolled against the whole list of participants. No participant can win 2 prizes.

Step 1 - Gain Achievements

  • 1 ACHIEVEMENT POINT: Follow ITAgents on Twitter, then tweet the following message exactly as below (replace #Android by #Symbian respectively, if you are a Symbian user):

    Entered to win great Theft Aware prizes from @ITAgents after visiting their blog at #Android

  • 1 ACHIEVEMENT POINT: like the Theft Aware website on Facebook, then like the entry for this article.

  • 4 ACHIEVEMENT POINTS: share a link to the Theft Aware main website on your Facebook page.

  • 8 ACHIEVEMENT POINTS: link to the Theft Aware main website from your legitimate website. We will decide if the link source website you used is eligible for the contest by common sense.

  • 25 ACHIEVEMENT POINTS: post a minimum 300-word review about Theft Aware on a legitimate Blog. We will decide if the Blog where you posted the review is eligible for the contest by common sense. It is not allowed to just copy the content of other blogs, it has to be your own creation. Just to give you a good example as a start, visit this blog post.

Step 2 - Fill out the Participant Form

Fill out this form, so that we know how to contact the winners.

Terms of Contest

The contest starts immediately and runs until 31st of January, 2011.

Winners will be announced here and notified via twitter, Facebook or email.

Good luck, everyone!

Reinhard - happy CEO of ITAgents


  1. Hooray hope we get lots of participants to the contest... :-)

  2. seems geared toward bloggers with their own websites

  3. What about post/mentions with another languages besides English? Will they participate in the context?

  4. If we can in any way validate your posts/mentions i think this is fine.

  5. @grimlockd: of course we want people to promote our tool - as it is a promo contest :-)

  6. Since I have neither a homepage nor a blog, i'll do without the contest at all. Weighting seems a tad misaligned.

  7. hmmm you know it's a lot of work to do a blog article. so it should be valued. however - everybody got a chance to win disregarding that. also you help to promote your favorite product... :-) cheers!

  8. naja... ich werd mir jetzt net extra facebook und twitter shit zulegen nur um hier mitzumachen ^^

  9. Jep, TA ist nämlich das ganze Gegenteil von Facebook und Twitter. Nämlich nützlich. Super App.

  10. na bei dem derzeitigen Angebot bei AndroidPit habe ich sofort zugeschlagen... und meine Frau... und ein Bekannter... und dessen Frau... :-)
    Da kann man nicht Nein sagen.
    Da mir das Ganze so gut gefällt gibt's den passenden Blogeintrag auch dazu.

  11. Habe das App. seit 2 Tagen und finde es so super, dass ich auch gerne teilnehme. Habe zwar auch keine Homepage und hab vom bloggen keine Ahnung mache aber über Twitter und Facebook mit. Dieses Teil muß tatsächlich promotet werden. Ist einfach genial. Ebenso die zeitnahe Aktivität und Response der Admins. Ist selten, dass die Entwickler so direkt bei ihren Usern sind. Kompliment. ;-)

  12. @Anonymous: Danke für dieses nette Kompliment :-)
    @Carsten: SUPER! Danke!


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